Calvary Chapel Entebbe, Uganda

Greetings!  Let us tell you the story of how God brought this ministry to where we are today. 

Calvary Chapel Entebbe was planted in Nakiwogo near the shore of Lake Victoria in 2006 by Pastor Craig and his wife Loren, along with a team of Bible school students from Calvary Chapel Kampala Bible College who had a heart for ministry and a desire to be part of a new church plant. 
The testimony of how all this came about is one we know you will be interested to read….

  Uganda has had a tragic past but the tears of the suffering are not unseen by our Father in heaven, and in the last 25 years, God has inspired many servants from many churches and denominations, to reach out with a heart and hand of love to help in the plight of these dear ones. One such story is the story of what God is doing here, at Calvary Chapel Entebbe. Started in 2006, the Lord led us to begin a ministry on what was a garbage dump in the outskirts of Entebbe. This was not really what we had envisioned for the ministry, in fact, this kind of ministry was not even on our radar. None the less, God had shut all the other doors we tried to open, and miraculously provided the funds for this 2 1/2 acre plot on the shore of Lake Victoria, in the poorest and most congested part of Entebbe. Not coincidentally, the Lord gave us a verse from Isaiah 58 at the very same time.
If you extend your soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul, then your light shall dawn in the darkness, and your darkness shall be as the noon day....Those from among you shall build up the old waste places, and you shall raise up the foundations of many generations. Is. 58:10-12.
These verses, which when they came to us, were spoken as if from loudspeakers from heaven, were at once a promise to us, and were to be the guiding verse for the church. In stuttering faith, we bought that ugly garbage dump, a symbol in the community of waste and decay, a place women dared not pass by for fear of being molested, a place only frequented by drunkards and drug users. Much work and sweat ensued as we cleaned, dug, piled, burnt and and scraped, eventually making way for a small tent church. That tent church attracted a few adults, but a lot of children, and as the weeks ensued, it was only then that our eyes were opened to what we realized our ministry would be...raising up a generation of young people, re-instilling the Godly values and principals of morality, integrity, honesty, commitment, hard work, such that they would one day live God honoring lives and be productive God fearing citizens, starting with these children.  Rebuilding the old waste places. Raising up the foundations of many generations

In 2008, as we were dedicating our first building with a great celebration, I was sharing to the congregation and well wishing visitors how God had taken what was a garbage dump and transformed it into a place of beauty, life and joy, and how that is such a fitting illustration of what He wants to do in all of our lives. The local chairman of the village, LC-1 Zikuliza Paul, got up after me, and to my amazement, shared this incredible testimony.  “Pastor Craig, what you have said is true. But let me share something you don’t know. When I was a child growing up in Entebbe, in the time of Idi Amin, this part of Entebbe was the bush...it was forest, rarely visited by the general population. However, people feared to come near to this land because for what it was used for...this land was frequently used by Idi Amin as a killing field, a place to get rid of his adversaries, his opponents, his enemies. Maybe it is why this place has been vacant for so long, as people fear the spirits of the people who have been murdered here! But glory to God for what he has now chosen this land to be.”

The place God had chosen, and the place I had been so reticent to buy, an unseemly garbage dump, a place notorious for drunks, drug addicts and molesters, a place that had once been a killing field in the brutal reign of Idi Amin. It was this land that God chose to redeem as an oasis, to bring life, joy, and peace back into this community and nation. It is in this place that God is raising up a generation of children, to rebuild the waste places and the fallen foundations of many generations.