Calvary Chapel Vista was our home for many, many years.  We both served in different ministries in the church and had a home fellowship in our house. In February of 2001, Pastor Rob asked us to pray about moving to Baja, Hungary.  Baja was the first church plant by Calvary in Hungary and they were in need of a pastor.  After a short visit and much prayer, God confirmed the call and we moved in July, 2001.  We ministered there for 7 years and then God blessed us and the church by raising up a wonderful Hungarian man to be the next pastor in Baja.

In September 2008 we journeyed on to our next venture of faith- Padova, Italy.  We were asked in 2007 to pray about moving to Padova, and again with much prayer and confirmation through God’s Word, we moved to Padova.


With Catholicism so prevalent in Italy, our desire here is to minister the truth of God’s Word to those who don’t know or understand the finished work of the cross nor experience the freedom of God’s grace.  We truly want to exhaust ourselves for the truth!  Volunteering alongside of them, hanging out with them, making the most of every opportunity we are given to be witnesses of Christ to the people. We want to share with them who the God of the Bible really is and show them that they too can have a relationship with the living God!



Prayer Requests

Our biggest prayer request right now is funding to rent a building.  Without a permanent place to meet, it is quite difficult to invite people and offer different bible studies and programs throughout the week.  The opportunities are there to do something each day of the week if we wanted, we just need the place to do it.

With a building, we will not only be able to have our bible studies, but we could have guitar lessons, men’s and women’s events, movie nights, etc to reach out to the community.  English is such a great tool here and people are always looking for ways to learn and/or improve their language skills.  People are always looking for ‘mother-tongue’ teachers, which gives us a great advantage.  There isn’t a lack of practical ministry that we could be doing, we just need a place to do it.  One thing about Italians is they do enjoy being together and when you offer those opportunities they will come out.

Continued prayer for salvation in our city. We ask for His wisdom and guidance as we seek Him for direction for ways to reach the people here.  We pray for God’s mercy and grace upon our lives and that we would be filled with and walk in the Spirit at all times.  Our desire is to have yielded lives and committed hearts to serve Him with everything we have.


We also are in great need of helpers to come alongside of us in the work here.  We are not able to reach all the people in our area by ourselves.  We need worship leaders and/or those who could come and head up a University Ministry.  Over 60,000 students are here and we need help to reach them.  We would like those who would be willing to commit to a year but would consider a revolving door type of situation where back to back groups would come for a 3 month period (due to visa requirements)  Teams, even as small as 8-10 would be great.  We would love to have constant and consistent movement here, flooding the city with a non-stop enthusiasm for the kingdom!

Prayer for health issues is important.  Also, our teeth are pretty much falling out.  Perhaps knowing a good dentist in the US that would be willing to work pro-bono would be a huge blessing, as we need our teeth 

Help with our website.  We are both unschooled in this area.  We would appreciate someone with the skills and creativity to take on this all important tool for reaching out and updating the community.

We have such a renewed vision for our city.  We want to move forward, taking steps of faith, led at all times by His Spirit.