Jesus told His followers to "...Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19, 20)

We choose to follow His command by making disciples and sending them to plant churches, as well as coming alongside existing churches and ministries to assist them in this same process.  Below, in alphabetical order by last name, are people we currently are praying for and with and reaching out in other ways as the Lord leads in encouraging them in the ministry God has called them to in these last days.​



God called Dave to plant a church in Mount Pleasant Texas from Calvary Chapel Vista.  After several years God moved on Dave's heart to help equip third world pastors with training and materials for sermon preparations.  He has expanded the work, called the Nathanael Project, to other Countries and accepted a position in support ministry at another church where he has more opportunity to take mission trips equipping overseas pastors.

Webpage: www.nathanaelproject.org

Instagram: @nathanaelproject

Twitter: @nathanaelproj

E-mail: dave@nathanaelproject.org

Donations can be made on the webpage

Text to Give: text NP2020 to 1-888-364-GIVE (4483)

Physical Address:  528 Alice Lane, Fate, TX, 75189


Dave & Leticia Anderson


We are sisters and both nurses who love Jesus and sharing the gospel. We will be joining Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Perth for two schools: Medical DTS and Medical Missions School (MMS). These programs combine both medical knowledge and evangelism. We are so excited for all that God is doing and would like for you to partner with us either through Facebook, Instagram, or our website. God bless! Heather and Holly Beane.

Guiding verses: Matthew 9:35-38

Facebook page: Traveling.sisters4Jesus
Instagram handle: @Traveling.sisters4Jesus
Website: TravelingSisters4Jesus.com
Email: Travelingsisters4Jesus@gmail.com

Donations are accepted through YWAM Perth at www.ywamperth.org.au through the donation page. During the donation online specify our names. For cash or check donations please email us.


Holly & Heather Beane


Originally from the US Paul and Melanie were married in Ukraine while church planting. In 2005 they moved to Kyrgyzstan where they spent eight years establishing the church they planted. In 2014 the family moved to Jordan to plant a church. Paul is pastoring the newly planted church and Melanie teaches full-time at a Jordanian school along with serving in music and women's ministry. Together they have five children.



Give Online

Check: Payable to “Horizon Christian Fellowship” Include a note “support for Paul Billings” Mail to: Horizon Christian Fellowship 7702 Indian Lake Rd Indianapolis, IN 46236

(Our email address is billingsp@pioneerplanting.com We cannot currently receive postal mail.)

Amman, Jordan

Paul & Melanie Billings


Bodi has been serving  as pastor of Calvary Chapel Debrecen, Hungary since 2000.  

Debrecen, Hungary

Zolt & Diana Bodogan


Rosemary was sent out by CCV to Hungary as a missionary in 1998. Nick and Rosemary met there, where they served together first in Debrecen. After getting married, they planted a church in Eger, Hungary, which they handed over to local leaders raised up through that ministry in 2012. After handing over the church in Eger, they moved to Longmont, Colorado, where Nick pastors White Fields Community Church.



Longmont, Colorado

Nick & Rosemary Cady


Originally from Grass Valley California, Doug and Destiny Calhoon are now serving in Tauranga New Zealand where Doug has been pastoring Shoreline Calvary since October, 2016. Together they have served overseas since 1999, being sent out as long term missionaries to Uganda in 2003 where they planted and led Calvary Chapel Fort Portal until being called to Tauranga in 2016. They have three children Jotham 14, Audrey 11, and Olivia 4.

Website: www.shoreline.org.nz
Email: doug@shoreline.org.nz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/doug.calhoon
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hoonerman

Tauranga, New Zealand

Doug & Destiny Calhoun


In September of 1994 Tony and Jenise and their three Children ventured out from Calvary Vista to New Port News Va, to plant what would become Calvary Chapel New Port News (CCNN) God has greatly blessed that venture of faith!  CCNN is a church that 2500 people call home. The church has made a huge impact in their community as well as serving the Armed Forces at the Joint Base of Langley-Eustis.


Newport News, Virginia

Tony & Jenise Clark


Loren & Jeanna have been missionaries in Europe for several years serving in former Yugoslavia (Jeanna), Hungary and Austria prior to coming to the UK in 2000.  Currently, they are serving at CC Bible College York investing in the next generation of believers, future church leaders and missionaries.  They are also assisting in the ministries of the church, Calvary Chapel York.  Loren further serves as a missions outreach leader and itinerant pastor throughout Europe and further afield.





Email: 520mission@gmail.com (Loren)  1sr.hadassah@gmail.com (Jeanna)


Donations: CC Vista


Physical Address: Combs, C/O Calvary Chapel York, 1 Barbican Road, York, YO10 5AA

Calvary Chapel Bible College York, UK

Loren & Jeanna Combs


Since the summer of 2006 David has had the privilege of working with the Calvary Chapel church plants in Northeastern Italy and has also been one of the instructors at the Calvary Chapel Bible College campus in Montebelluna, Italy.  In October 2018 David and his wife Deane moved to the city of Turin, Italy to prayerfully see the tenth Calvary Chapel church planted in that city and to work with a local radio station to help create recorded content.



@davedowns @denae.downs




Since the summer of 2006 David has had the privilege of working with the Calvary Chapel church plants in Northeastern Italy and has also been one of the instructors at the Calvary Chapel Bible College campus in Montebelluna, Italy.  In October 2018 David and his wife Deane moved to the city of Turin, Italy to prayerfully see the tenth Calvary Chapel church planted in that city and to work with a local radio station to help create recorded content.



@davedowns @denae.downs






Strada Scalero 10bis

10024 Moncalieri (TO)


Strada Scalero 10bis

10024 Moncalieri (TO)


Turin, Italy

David & Deanna Downs


Jason and Christy met and married while Jason was high school pastor at Calvary Chapel Vista.  They left and started a church in Paris Texas and then were called back to Calvary chapel Vista and after a few years God called them to Bermuda Dunes California where they are now.

Bermuda Dunes, California

Jason & Christy Duff


At 16 a good friend shared the gospel with me and after I received Christ invited me to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I got involved in the high school group, was later called to Hungary where I met my wife Odi. God blessed us with two children and have been ministering in Szeged Hungary since.




Email: kyleodi@gmail.com

Snail Mail - Kyle & Odi Eckhart, Bognar u. 20., 6728 Szeged, Hungary

Szeged, Hungary

Kyle & Odi Eckhart


Bartley and Shannon have served in various support ministry roles over the years and a few years ago God called them to focus on recovering girls who had been taking into human trafficking from which the Run 2 Rescue ministry grew.

Riverside, California

Bartley & Shannon Forsythe


Gaius Mission Services was founded in 2005 by Pastor Fred Clark.  The board of directors and operations team work together with many volunteers to support missionaries in encouragement and support including practical building projects, fundraising, missions trips and special projects.


Website: www.gaiusmissions.com


Gaius Missions


In 1995 the Garate’s moved from CCV to the Western Slope of Colorado to plant a church.  CC Montrose began in a home and after 6 years of growth in various locations, the Lord opened the door to a permanent home in an old WalMart building. We are a debt free church thanks to the greatness of our God.  Ben also serves as Chaplain of Montrose Jail Ministries and is very involved in the community. We love this community and are blessed to see people giving their lives to Christ and growing in the Word.


Check out our website



Email: bengarate@calvarychapel.com



Mail: 2201 S. Townsend Ave. Suite D

            Montrose, CO 81401

Montrose, Colorado

Ben & Judy Garate


Gogo Grandmothers links people from developed countries with the core ministries of SAFE in Malawi, including support for the gogos (grandmothers) caring for Malawi’s orphans, early childhood development for preschoolers, youth development for village youth and the Why Wait? 8-year life skills curriculum for schools. 

Website https://gogograndmothers.com/

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/Gogo-Grandmothers-198537123514667/



JennieMae McCabe: Jenniemae20@gmail.com

Rosalyn Posey: rosalynposey@calvaryvista.com

Jacque Entzminger: houseblessings@gmail.com

Zomba, Malawi

Go Go Grandmas


In 1998 the Halls stepped out from CCV to plant Calvary Chapel Central Maui. After serving in that community for 12 years, God called us to hand over the church and go to Sydney, Australia in 2010. After serving in various churches and as an itinerant pastor, God opened the door to plant a new church in early 2017. Check out our website: http://www.onelovechurch.online





Email: bhall@onelovechurch.online

Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia

Brad & Christy Hall

Domestic-Perspective Ministry

Perspective Ministry exists to partner with the body of Christ, be it with churches, pastors, or individuals to discover the ways God’s truth provides for the abundant life Christ promised us. This requires us to shift our outlook, to gain new insight.  We are called to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”, (Romans 12:2), to look at life with God’s perspective. Through God’s Word, by His Spirit, Perspective seeks to be used by God to refresh, revive and renew God’s people.

Website:  https://perspectiveministry.org/

Donations:  https://perspectiveministry.org/donate

Arizona, USA

Dave & Mary Anne Hommel


We are Lafe and Kaili isaacson and we are living/ministering in North eastern Pa. God gave us a vision to minister to those far from God and unwilling to explore faith in this region due to the harm organized reloegion has caused individuals through scandal and hypocrisy. We want to open and support small gospel centered business with the main purpose always being to encounter locals on a daily bases and get to love and serve them with the love and servanthood Christ exemplified in the gospels. We will create relationships with the intent to see long term lasting fruit in the form of lives being transformed by a Jesus!

You can get more info at our ministry website by visiting Abidinginn.com (2 N’s in Inn) or stay up to date with news by following “Abiding Inn” on Instagram.

We are a registered Pa Non Profit and if you would like to donate please visit us at: https://www.abidinginn.com/donate

If you would like to contact us please email us at abidinginn@gmail.com or write us at 98 E Liberty St. Hanover township Pa 18706

Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania

Lafe and Kaili Isaacson


Brian & Lynne Kelly are ministering in Auckland New Zealand. Brian is the new lead pastor at Calvary Auckland. He and his family moved to New Zealand from Washington state where Brian planted a Church called The Bridge. Brian has spent many years as a missionary and pastor. The Kelly's lived ten years in Uganda Africa, where they ministered at Calvary Chapel Kampala. Brian is a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College in California where he and Lynne met. Brian and Lynne have three kids Judah 18, Julia 16, and Liana 13.

Website: www.calvaryakl.nz
Email: briankelly@calvaryakl.nz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pbriankelly
Instagram: www.instagram.com/pbriankelly
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pbriankelly

Brian Kelly
Pastor // Calvary Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Brian Kelly


Kurt & Kendall Kula, along with their four children, Abigail, Olivia, John Mark & Rebekah came to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in February 2013 for the purpose of building up the local Calvary Chapel.  Their work involves training pastors, leaders, children's ministry workers, discipleship, premarital counseling, teaching at the Bible College and assisting in various evangelical outreaches. Abbey is presently enrolled at California Baptist University in the nursing program and hopes to return to the mission field after college.


1. That we would stand strong in the grace and love of God.

2. That we would be fruitful in making disciples and training them to do the work of the ministry.

3. That CC Phnom Penh would become a self-sustained, self-governed and self-propagating church not dependent upon outside resources for its survival.

4. That God would use CC Phnom Penh to fill our country with the doctrine of Jesus Christ.


Email contact:  kula-family@life.pl

Email is the easiest way to stay in touch with us. We can also facetime and iMessage.

Send a donation

Option 2 – Write a check directly too  Kurt & Kendall Kula and send check too…


Kurt & Kendall Kula c/o Teresa Gipe

18942 Santa Isadora

Fountain Valley, CA  92708

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Kurt & Kendal Kula


In 2006, The McKay Fam stepped out by faith to plant Capilla del Calvario de Villareal, near Tamarindo, Costa Rica.


In 2015, the Lord led them back to the United States, where they are serving Calvary Chapel of Paris, Texas.


God has given them vision for church planting. Your prayers are appreciated!
Yours in Christ, Phil, Rebecca, Eden, Ezekiel, Elijah, Ezra Cyrus, and another boy on the way!

Church Webpage: www.calvaryparis.com

Church FB and Instagram page: @calvarychapelparis

Church email: ccparis.mail@gmail.com

Donations can be made from the church webpage, click on link to “Online Giving” at the top menu.

Physical Address: 3100 Clarksville St, Paris, TX 75460

Paris, Texas

Phil & Rebecca McKay


Lowell (LA) and Dianne Nelson were sent out to Milwaukee Wisconsin in August of 1999, 20 Years ago! The Lord has been faithful toCalvary Chapel Milwaukee all of these years, and has graciously allowed us to send out three Pastors to further the work here in Wisconsin. Robert Nettles in Racine,  Terrie Beede to Kohler and John Smith to Green Bay (home of the Packers). We are beginning another church plant about 40 minutes to the east of Milwaukee. We are blessed to be part of the Calvary Chapel of Vista family.   Galatians 2:20


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Lowel (L A) & Diane Nelson


Robert & Jackie Nettles are ministering in Racine Wisconsin. Robert and his family moved from Vista California to Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1999 to help Lowell (AKA LA) and Diana Nelson plant Calvary Chapel Milwaukee. In 2004 Robert and Jackie were sent from Milwaukee to Calvary Chapel Racine. Robert and Jackie have 2 children Ashely 28, Robert Jr 23, and 1 grandchild Koda 2. 


Website: www.Ccracine.com

Email: Robert@ccracine.com

Facebook: Calvary Chapel Racine 

Twitter: @Calvaryracine 

Donate here: http://ccracine.com/index.php/donate

Racine Wisconsin

Robert & Jackie Nettles


Marc received Christ as a teen and attended Harvest Christian fellowship in 1992.  He then attended Bible College. After graduating college, Marc and his wife Lucia were blessed to serve at Calvary Chapel of Vista as youth pastor. In May of 2001 the Lord called Marc to assist Pastor John Randall at Calvary Chapel Brandon, Florida. In 2007 he the senior pastor. Marc and his wife Lucia have been married since 1996 and have four wonderful children. Together, their passion is loving Jesus, their mission is equipping the saints, and their goal is to reach the world!

Brandon, Florida

Mark & Lucia Orozco


Currently based out of Oklahoma, we serve as missionaries in these different ways:

1. We run a nonprofit design ministry that provides free web and graphic design to missionaries and church planters in need.​ Check out the website for Hesed Creative here.

2. We are working together with Calvary Global Network to start GoodLion, a Christian podcasting network! We want to see people reached through audio. Check out the website for GoodLion here!

3. Aaron has been speaking at youth groups and church camps!

4. We started a Bible study in a local coffee shop in Oklahoma. Please pray that God will bless and guide this gathering!



Donate to the ministry work we are doing

Hesed Creative - Our Nonprofit

GoodLion - Our Podcast Network!

Aaron's personal website

Oklahoma, & Supporting Missionaries in Europe

Aaron & Brooklynn Salvato


Greg has been working as a missionary in Serbia since the first Calvary Chapel was started in Subotica, Serbia (then Yugoslavia) back in 1990.  He's married to a Serbian woman named Jelena, that is mainly involved in a counselling ministry.  They have 3 children:  Benjamin (23), Sara (18) and Hana (14).  They've been involved in church planting for years, starting churches in the cities of Temerin and Sombor and assisting a church plant in Novi Sad.  (Serbia is one of the least evangelized countries in Europe).  They currently live in Temerin where they are involved in:  a church replant (where Greg works as a pastor), a ministry called "Hana's Hope" to serve and evangelize families affected by disabilities (founded after discovering that their youngest daughter has autism), drug and alcohol rehab (that their son was actually participating in for six months), evangelistic conversational English classes, leading worship and various other ministries.


Website:  www.SerbianOutreach.com 

Email:  gjsivulka@gmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/gsivulka

For online giving:


For sending checks:


Sombor, Serbia

Greg & Jelena Silvulka


Calvary Chapel Vista was our home for many, many years. We both served in different ministries in the church and had a home fellowship in our house. In February of 2001, Pastor Rob asked us to pray about moving to Baja, Hunga- ry. Baja was the first church plant by Calvary in Hungary and they were in need of a pastor. After a short visit and much prayer, God confirmed the call and we moved in July, 2001. We ministered there for 7 years and then God blessed us and the church by raising up a wonderful Hungarian man to be the next pastor in Baja.




Email: JimStewart@calvarychapel.com

Calvary Chapel Padova, Italy

Jim & Margie Stewart


In 1990 God called me to the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Austria while yet single to be the maintenance man and plumber. When the Iron Curtain fell it opened the door to freely preach the Gospel to former communist countries. I moved to Baja, Hungary as part of a church planting team and spent one and one half years. I then took over the pastorate of an existing Calvary Chapel in the former Yugoslavia. I lived there for four and one half years. This is where I met and married my wife Zuza and our son Joshua was born. We then moved to Spittal, Austria to take over the pastorate of an existing Calvary Chapel and our two daughters, Simone’ and Annemarie were born there. The Lord called us to oversee the ministry at the Bible College/Conference Center in Austria that I once served as the plumber. In 2002 we moved the Bible College/Conference Center operations from Austria to Hungary where we lived for three years. After fifteen years on the mission field in 2005 we moved back to the states where I served as the director of the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Murrieta, CA for the last fourteen years. On July 9, 2019 we boarded a plane to go back to Europe and with more vision than ever. Our base of operations will be in Montebelluna, Italy to help oversee the Calvary Chapel Bible College and serve in the church in the city. However, our vision to Encourageand Equippastors and leaders from every nation, tribe, tongue, and people will require us to travel around the globe hosting pastors and leaders conferences.

Zuza and I have been married for twenty-five years.

Joshua Thompson: Twenty-four years old and married to Susanna Thompson for three years. They will remain in California.

Simone Thompson: Twenty-one years old and will attend university in Budapest, Hungary.

Annemarie Thompson: Eighteen years old and will attend university in Budapest Hungary.

Instagram: @crossculturemissions
Facebook: Cross Culture Missions
Website: crossculturemissions.com, There is a donate button on the website for those desiring to give financially. https://app.easytithe.com/app/giving/crossculturemissions
Email address: rod@crossculturemissions.org
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 894133, Temecula, CA 92589

Montebelluna Italy

Rod and Zuza Thompson


After Craig Lindquist planted the church in Entebbe the Lord raised up Isaac Wabomba to assist.  When the Lord called Craig Lindquist back to the States, the Lord also led Craig to ask Isaac to take the lead as lead pastor.  Isaac has been lead pastor now since 2017.

Tel +256 772, 334 219/ +256 701 334 219
Visit us the web:www.ccentebbe.org
like us on facebook:
Email: calvaryebb@gmail.com/ info@ccentebbe.org
YouTube:Calvary Chapel Entebbe


Entebbe, Uganda

Isaac & Peninah Wabomba


“Becki Walsh is ministering in Te Awamutu, New Zealand alongside the staff at Calvary Chapel Bible Institute New Zealand (CCBI). Becki grew up on the mission field in Eastern Europe and moved with her family to New Zealand in 2009. After finishing High School and completing the School of Missions at CCBCE in Hungary, Becki felt the call to go back to New Zealand. After serving alongside Shoreline Calvary in Tauranga for a year Becki moved into full-time missions serving with CCBI in equipping young men and women with the Word of God to enable them as they go out serving the Lord in all nations. Becki continues to serve at Shoreline Calvary and is on Staff with Cultivate, a Summer Youth Discipleship Camp.”


Website: beckiwalsh.wordpress.com

- cultivate.kiwi (Cultivate Website) 

- www.ccbi.ac.nz (CCBI Website)

Email: becki@ccbi.ac.nz

Facebook: Becki Walsh

Instagram: beckiamywalsh

Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Becki Walsh


Pastor Troy Warner had been on staff at CC Vista, California, for 4 years and was being led to step out and begin a new work in a new place. After Pastor Troy prayed and sought the Lord for guidance, he realized Lynchburg, VA was the place God wanted to send him, to the small group of people faithfully praying for such a work. On August 1, 1994, Pastor Troy and his family moved to Lynchburg to begin the simple ministry of teaching the Word of God verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter, while loving and leading the flock.

Since 1994, God has added to our number and blessed us with many opportunities to serve Him and proclaim the Gospel in our city and throughout the world.

As a church, we believe that the Lord has led us to do 3 things:

          1.) Encounter God through Spirit-filled worship and dynamic prayer.

          2.) Equip the Saints with solid Bible-teaching and meaningful fellowship.

          3.) Evangelize the World through local outreaches and global missions.

Lynchburg, Virginia

Troy & Rebecca Warner


Originally from California, Danny & Michelle now reside in Nashville, Tennessee with their three adventurous young boys—Isaac 12, Malakai 10, and Josiah 5. Danny is an Author (his book Where’s the Joy? has just released this June, 2019), Storyteller, Navy Veteran, Poet & Hi-Five Giver ~ with a passion to awaken joy in everyday life! Danny is currently the Director for Speaking Louder (Jeremy Camp, Founder). Danny & Michelle have more than 17 years of leadership and international ministry experience. Danny has served as a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy, a Co-Founder & Director of a non-profit mission organization, church-planting missionaries in Argentina, and an associate pastor here at Calvary Vista. Danny’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in religion and a master’s degree in executive leadership, and Michelle is a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College.

Website: www.dannywilliamson.com
Email: hello@dannywilliamson.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danny.williamson.77
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dannycwilliamson/

Nashville, Tennesee

Danny & Michelle Williamson


When I was in high school, I felt like the Lord was calling me to youth ministry. I saw the need for young people to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, and I wanted to be the one to tell them. Sure enough, God called me to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes right after I graduated college in 2015. FCA uses the platform of sport to share the gospel locally and globally by empowering coaches and athletes to use their influence to transform their campuses and communities by the power of Jesus Christ. I have been on staff with FCA for 3.5 years now here in North County San Diego, and will be as long as God asks me to be!


Online Support Link:

Instgram Handle:


North County, San Diego

Aubrea Wilson